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Residential School for Underprivileged Boy's

We adopted around 50 kids, all from underprivileged background, many of whom are either homeless or orphans, or from single parent families. These kids used to be ragpickers, beggars and child laborers. They are currently residing in a temporary residential hostel provided by the local government.
The kids are from Lower Kindergarten till Grade 7. They receive informal teaching from 2 dedicated teachers. The teachers for Music, arts and Sports work on a pro bono basis. The plan is for them to stay in the current learning environment for few years before they can be enrolled in good local schools.
With generous donations we were able to procure beds, fans, study tables, kitchen utensils, dinning tables, stoves, cutlery, washing machine, water cooler etc. This winter we were able to provide them with warm woolens clothes

Reconstruction of Schools

Unattractive school environment, unsatisfactory condition of buildings and insufficiency of instructional material are a major de-motivating factor for children and their parents. Just having great school infrastructure is not sufficient to improve learning outcomes, but it is certainly a necessary condition. Availability of adequate infrastructure facilities motivates teachers as well as students for regular participation and they both get engaged in teaching as well as learning process. Schools are supposed to be the temples of learning, but many Schools in India particularly in remote, hilly and tribal areas are likely to be a dingy, dilapidated place without access to electricity, toilets and with too few teachers. The aim of our team has been to provide essential infrastructure facilities and give these kids a chance to succeed. We expect that by providing a stimulating, warm, safe and welcoming environment these kids will be encouraged to be engaged in the learning activities. Our team will continue to identify similar schools in the future which need our assistance in their transformation. We have partnered with “Roopantran'' and a Local Education officer of Uttrakhand Ms. Geetika Joshi to facilitate this work on the ground.

Back to School Program

For the kids coming from needy families, one of the most expensive milestone that their parents have to confront every year is the expenses of school fee and school supplies. This combined cost is a very severe burden especially since most households we serve include three or more children. Over the years with the help of a local NGO “ Bhor” based in Rudrapur, we have been able to help countless kids with their school fees and backpacks. When students receive supplies that their parents cannot afford, it makes them feel valued and it gives them a sense of pride about their school work.

Vocational Training and Skill Development Project

Our aim in this project is to employ the abilities of the population of rural/semi-urban underprivileged by providing them with supplementary knowledge, tools and skill sets for bringing improvement in their livelihood options.The objective of this program is also to upgrade skills of educated school leaving youths specifically by converting their assets into viable talents useful for employment. Our first vocational project was held in Rudrapur with the close association of the local NGO “ Bhor”.

Empowering Differently-abled

People with disabilities continue to experience discrimination and marginalization in our society. One of the biggest battles faced by people with disabilities is the struggle for increased access.Our aim in promoting this project is simply to enhance functional independence and make daily living tasks easier through the use of aids that help a person travel, communicate with others, learn, work, and participate in social and recreational activities.As a society, it is our utmost duty to allow people with disabilities to experience a life they deserve. Our first project on empowering people suffering from leprosy was done in Lucknow with the help of a local NGO "Hamara Sahyog".

Health Care Project

Rural areas in India have a shortage of medical professionals. There is a major issue for rural access to healthcare. Non-availability of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals in rural areas is a big challenge. Among the several medical issues, our team found that many kids and adults in the rural areas are suffering from severe congenital or post -traumatic upper extremity/Hand deformities. These deformities are neglected or inadequately treated due to limited resources. Our foundation gathered an expert team of hand surgeons, Plastic surgeons, orthopedician and anaesthesiologists and conducted “ Hand Deformity Correction” camp in Rudrapur, India in which approximately 30 reconstructive/restorative surgeries were done. This camp would not have been possible without the logistic and material support provided by the Local NGO “ Bhor”.

“Keep Kids Warm” Project

Several families in the Upper mountainous regions of Himalayas are living in poverty and struggle to access the basic necessities like food, housing and clothing. Due to the extreme harsh climate in the winters many of their school going kids drop out from the schools due to unavailability of warm clothing. For the last several years our mission has been to provide new warm woolen clothings to the kids of these villages. This has provided much needed self-confidence in these kids and they have been able to attend school , socialize with their peers and play outside with pride. Over the years we have found that the kids love the way they look and feel in their brand new warm clothings, keeping them warm and protected throughout the year. We are grateful to A & A book trust and to our team in Ludhiana to help us in logistics of transport and distribution of the warm clothes.

Pandemic Education

During the current COVID crisis as the number of infected cases rose exponentially, so did the large number of myths associated with the spread and the treatment of this disease. The aim of our organization was to put everybody's mind at ease, hope for the future and decrease anxiety.
To combat this Covid-19 related misinformation and to demystify the existing myths we held several online live Zoom sessions to provide realistic evidence based information. Several live Q & A sessions were also held in various cities of India and clarification was provided in the fast moving and uncertain situation.

Pandemic Relief and Fundraising

In the Spring of 2021 humanitarian crisis of Covid-19 started unraveling in India with the catastrophic surge in Covid-19 cases. There was a sudden dire shortage of oxygen supply in hospitals across India. Every day hospitals, Clinics and Nursing homes scrambled to procure oxygen supplies and multiple lives were being lost. In order to help tide this O2 shortage we partnered with Sri Ambati and his team to procure O2 Concentrators. A global fundraising campaign was launched. By May, 2021 around 873 units of O2 concentrators were purchased and rapidly deployed in hospitals across various cities of India. Several hundreds of Covid kits were also distributed to the patients in Lucknow and the surrounding suburbs and villages with the help of a locally based NGO “ Hamara Sahyog”.


We aim to help young brilliant minded students from marginalised communities looking to pursue higher studies. Due to lack of avenues, mentorship and financial support , these children can not achieve their dreams. Based on the premise that brilliant students from underprivileged classes can be encouraged for higher education, a team was constituted to select potential female students and provide them a realistic platform to achieve their dreams. After due deliberations 2 girl students were selected for the scholarship. We partnered with the local NGO “ Hamara Sahyog” and two girls were selected on merit basis. We at Giving Hands Foundation and Hamara Sahyog expresses good wishes to all the students and expects them to achieve their goals in life.


She is an academically gifted student who wants to become a judge in the Court of Law and give justice to women. Accordingly she chose to pursue LLB from University of Lucknow. She is in 3rd Semester and her performance so far has been praiseworthy. She belongs to the underprivileged family with no access to resources but as an individual she has a greater sense of independence and responsibility.


She has the potential to perform well and accomplish her aim of becoming a Bank probationary officer. Tremendous growth in the financial sector made her take up a course in commerce. She is in 3rd Semester BCom from University of Lucknow. Her performance so far has been praiseworthy. She is focused and working hard to fulfil her dream. She comes from a financially weaker section of society but with adequate support she can achieve greater goals in life.

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