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Dr. Pankaj Kaw

He is currently working as a Sports Medicine/Orthopedic specialist in New York. An alumnus of King George Medical College, Lucknow, Dr. Kaw is a trained orthopedic surgeon and specializes in Sports medicine. His initial medical training in USA was from an affiliate hospital of prestigious Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Dr. Kaw subsequently completed his Hand surgery fellowship from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. He is also fellowship trained in Sports Medicine from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.

He has been actively involved in other Non-Profit organizations like the “Bhor Foundation” since its inception and has mentored its strategic planning, design, expansion and execution of its various programs.

His passion has been to provide basic education, vocational training as well as to provide advanced medical/surgical care to underprivileged and underserved segments of the society

Dr Anita Kaw

She is a Practicing Internal Medicine Specialist in New York. After finishing her medical school from India, she completed Internal Medicine residency from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Born in Kashmir, her parents were educators and her love and reverence towards education was inculcated from beginning with emphasis on discipline and simple living. Her trauma of losing her home and having a first-hand experience of enduring uncertainty she understood the value of education as a foundation to overcome adversity and a means to provide hope and dignity.

She has had a lifelong desire to serve the deprived and underprivileged members of the society and has been instrumental in shaping up the “Giving Hands Foundation”

Ruchir Garg

He is a technology leader at Holmusk, where he creates data science based solutions in the field of mental health.

Ruchir has a Bachelor's degree from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, and has been an Information Technology professional for 25 years. He lives in New York.

Ruchir has a keen interest in issues of sustainability and human development. To pursue this interest, he took a break from his career in 2010. After researching permaculture and natural farming methods, he took to farming near Hyderabad, India, to discover first-hand if natural farming methods were commercially viable. He learnt from some of the most renowned natural farming practitioners in India, and developed a tropical fruit orchard using zero chemical inputs. Though he gave up the farm life after 4 years and resumed his career, the experience led him to a deeper understanding of the state of agriculture in India. It also instilled in him deep appreciation and respect for trees and their healing capacity.

His other interests are films, cooking, yoga, and meditation.

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